Texas Two Step

Texas Two Step Writing Conference

Texas Two Step Writing Conference

North Texas RWA hosts a one-day writing conference about every other year. We are starting to plan the conference for spring 2019. We've welcomed some great speakers such as Tami Cowden, Margie Lawson and many more.

Members can register for a significant discount.

To get involved in planning, please contact our president.

Last Conference

2017 Texas Two Step

Characters Revealed - Heroes, Heroines and Villains

Create characters that reach out and grab your reader - characters who have built in connections to audiences. In this all day workshop, we'll introduce you to the eight male and female literary archetypes, found in fiction since humans first began telling stories. Then we will turn those heroes and heroines to the dark side, showing how heroic attributes, taken to extremes, results in delicious villainy. Finally , we will discuss how to build full-fleshed, dynamic characters using these archetypes.

About Tami

Tami Cowden is the coauthor of The Complete Writers Guide to Heroes and Heroines: Sixteen Master Archetypes, a guide to characterization for writers, and us the author of Fallen Heroes: Sixteen Villain Archetypes, and authored Fallen Heroes: Sixteen Master Villain Archetypes. Tami has presented writing programs on characterization, plotting and scene building at more than 100 writing conferences and retreats.