The Basics


3rd Saturday of each month
No meeting in November (Thanksgiving).
Meet the 2nd Saturday in December for our Holiday Party.


La Hacienda Ranch (Click for map)
5251 Hwy 121
Grapevine/Colleyville, Texas


10 am -- Doors Open

10-10:30 -- Get Published! Workshop
Open to all but tailored for the not-yet-published

10:45 am --  Meeting Begins

11 am -- Speaker

Noon(ish) -- Business meeting and optional lunch (most stay for lunch, but duck out if you need to)

2019 Meetings

Jun 15

Kristen Lamb--Branding for Creatives: Sell Books Not Your Soul

Jul 20

Rebecca Balcarcel--The Heroine's Journey/The Butterfly Plot

Aug 18

Carolyn Williamson--Time Management

Sep 21

Blake Kimzey--Developing Plot:Character IS Action

Oct 19

Jess Michaels--Making Your Career A Priority

Dec 14

Holiday Party

2020 Meetings

Jan 18

Amber Royer--Archetypes vs. Cliche


Come visit us at one of these upcoming meetings

Kristen Lamb

Branding for Creatives:

Sell Books Not Your Soul


All authors need a brand, so this session will cover how to locate and then cultivate your audience into passionate fans who BUY YOUR BOOKS!


How can you grow your platform and turn your name alone into a bankable asset? Not as hard as you might have been led to believe.


You DO NOT need to be a tech guru/mega-high-pressure-sales person to excel at this. In fact, best you aren’t.


Yet, the reality is that in the digital age of commerce, consumers rely on brands more than ever in human history. They’re overwhelmed and we can help them out….by finding US.


Consumers (which is code for readers) buy from who they know, like and trust. In a sea of infinite choices a powerful NAME is a tremendous asset.


Can you say “J.K. Rowling”?


The single largest challenge all writers face in the digital age is discoverability and connecting with our audience is a challenge but nothing we can’t handle.


This class will address:

– What is a brand? How to make one uniquely your own. – How to BE YOU! You’re a writer, not an insurance salesman! – Harness your imagination & creativity for better results (No one likes SPAM, so don’t serve it!). – How to use this information to locate, engage and cultivate an audience. – Myths about exposure. – Common scams that will wreck your brand and earning ability. – Why most promotion is a waste of money.

Join us May 18th for

Juice Box Hero: Squeezing Plot From Character

a presentation by

Tex Thompson

They say there are only six plots. Maybe seven. But there are a million characters – and a great one can make an author’s career. If you have an AMAZING character (or ten), but are struggling to sustain their storylines – or if your intricate, masterfully-crafted plot feels a bit flat on personality – have no fear. Come on out and discover how to distill a story that readers will remember from characters they’ll never forget. Bring your enthusiasm and all your burning questions!

About Tex: Arianne “Tex” Thompson was once described as “an explosion of 52 enthusiastic kittens latching onto everything at once.” In addition to writing the ‘Children of the Drought’ epic fantasy Western series, Tex is the founder and ‘chief instigator’ for WORD – Writers Organizations ‘Round Dallas. When she’s not leading the charge at home in Dallas, Tex brings her particular brand of ‘red-penthusiasm’ to conferences, conventions, and workshops all over the country – as an egregiously enthusiastic, endlessly energetic one-woman stampede. Find her online at!



Conferences, SWAG, and writing, oh my!!

Programming starts at 10am with our super fun prez, C.A. Szarek, aka Chrissy, sharing her wisdom on attending conferences. As a follow on, our short, but sweet main program will be on SWAG. Love it or hate it, you have to have it.

After that, there will be writing! Because of everything going this month, our write-in for April will happen at La Hacienda the day of the meeting, so bring a laptop, a tablet, or good old fashioned pen/pencil and paper.

Our tentative schedule looks like this:

10:00-10:30 — GetPublished! Speaker, Chrissy on conferences
10:30-11:00 — SWAG Panel
11:00-11:15 — potty break and lunch ordering
11:15-12:00 — writing
12:00-1:00/1:30 — eating and writing

Hope to see you there!