June 2019 Meeting

June 2019 Meeting

Kristen Lamb

Branding for Creatives:

Sell Books Not Your Soul


All authors need a brand, so this session will cover how to locate and then cultivate your audience into passionate fans who BUY YOUR BOOKS!


How can you grow your platform and turn your name alone into a bankable asset? Not as hard as you might have been led to believe.


You DO NOT need to be a tech guru/mega-high-pressure-sales person to excel at this. In fact, best you aren’t.


Yet, the reality is that in the digital age of commerce, consumers rely on brands more than ever in human history. They’re overwhelmed and we can help them out….by finding US.


Consumers (which is code for readers) buy from who they know, like and trust. In a sea of infinite choices a powerful NAME is a tremendous asset.


Can you say “J.K. Rowling”?


The single largest challenge all writers face in the digital age is discoverability and connecting with our audience is a challenge but nothing we can’t handle.


This class will address:

– What is a brand? How to make one uniquely your own.
– How to BE YOU! You’re a writer, not an insurance salesman!
– Harness your imagination & creativity for better results (No one likes SPAM, so don’t serve it!).
– How to use this information to locate, engage and cultivate an audience.
– Myths about exposure.
– Common scams that will wreck your brand and earning ability.
– Why most promotion is a waste of money.