Upcoming Programs



Jun 2019: Jen Geigle Johnson, blogging and newsletters



Jul 2019: TBA



Aug 2019: TBA



Sep 2019: TBA



Oct 2019: TBA



Stay tuned for more programs. Suggestions wanted and welcome!! Email getpublished @ ntrwa . org (minus the spaces).

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Previous 2019 topics



Jan 2019: Clover Autrey, taking advantage of drive time–dictating in your car



Feb 2019: Regina Richards, a quick tutorial on the craft of dictation



Mar 2019: Susie Sheehey, how to keep writing despite working and/or dealing with life’s challenges



Apr 2019: C.A. Szarek, book signings and conferences, should I stay (home) or should I go now?



May 2019: Audra Lewandowski, business plans