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August 24, 2018

**due to communication/information issues this was presented as September’s program–it is in fact October’s**

Audio Books: Bringing Your Books to Life


Presented by Kylie Stewart


Bring your books to life by putting them into audio format! Demand for audio books is growing. In this class we will look at the options you will have as a rights holder, different platforms you can utilize as a rights holder, and how to choose the right voices for your books. We will also look at pricing, what to do if you want to read your own book, and a few audio engineering platforms you can use right now.

Kylie Stewart has been writing short stories and books all her life. A native of Hammond, New York, Kylie grew up on the St. Lawrence River dreaming of big things. She has a Master’s of Science in Equine Business from Middle Tennessee State University, which is why there are so many horses in her books. After working in the Kentucky Race Horse Industry, she moved back to Tennessee to pursue writing.
Kylie is also an audio narrator who has read for over 100 titles and is an APA member.
Kylie was influenced by her Scottish heritage to become an independent British history buff. She has a small library dedicated to Tudor history and is a lover of the Arthurian legends. She also has an intense love of the supernatural, theological, paranormal, and mythological worlds. She is a member of RWA.
Kylie lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and fellow voice actor Eric Rolon, and their two cats, Asuka and Haru.

Get Published! with NTRWA this year
August 6, 2018

GetPublished! Mini-Programs have included:

Feb 17 – Cindy Dees, story structure and how to drop in the “big” story points

Mar 17 – Chrissy Szarek, self editing

Apr 21 – Angi Morgan, making scenery a character

May 19 – Chelsea Mueller, EU/GDPR regulations

Jun 16 – Clover Autrey, writing author bios

Jul 21 – Chris Keniston, indie publishing is a business

Aug 16 – Jen FitzGerald, aggregators and ISBNs

Sep 15 – Fenley Grant, mastering the contest circuit

Oct 20 – Cindy Dees, submitting to a publisher

August 2, 2018

Join us Saturday, August 18th when Dan Greenig speaks to us about Hacking for Romance Writers

Social Engineering (hacking people)
Fun social engineering stories/examples. Phishing, uniforms, phone calls, etc.

Physical Hacking
Breaking into buildings, picking locks, getting through tamper resistant seals, etc.

Realistic Technology
What’s possible, what’s not? Resources for realism.

For each of the above, we’ll talk about specific plots and subplots that could be potentially employed. Sources for ideas and education will be explored in the context of writing and romance writing.


Dan Greenig: The best word to describe Daniel Greenig might be eclectic. His interests are so broad that he has yet to meet a person with whom he has nothing in common. He has donned many hats in his brief 51 years of existence: care-giver, wanderer, writer, butcher, missionary, chef, sailor, triathlete, husband, gardener, carpenter, salesman, father, financial analyst, hacker and IT professional.
Born in California and raised in Heaven (Montana), his residences have included many of the United States as well as a few European countries. He now resides in Northern Texas with six redheads and a couple of normal heads—his wife and seven children.

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July 6, 2018

Join us at 10:00 am for our special Get Published! speaker Chris Keniston, the queen of indie publishing. She’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for indie publishing success.

We’ll be taking a break from speakers with a brainstorming session in place of our regular meeting. A brain collective might help solve that plot problem, provide just the right backstory detail, or offer a multitude of resolutions to a specific issue you’re having.

See you at our regular meeting place, Saturday, July 21st!!

May 23, 2018

Sure, everyone knows how to edit a manuscript. But how do you revise one? We’re not talking mansy-pansy punching-up-your-verbs revisions. We’re talking my-book-is-flatlining-and-needs-a-heart-transplant revisions.

Maybe your critique group is harping on your convoluted plot and you’re getting rejections that say they just don’t feel connected to your characters. These are problems your spell checker and thesaurus can’t fix. It could be time for major surgery.

This workshop will unveil three levels of revisions that will take your book from an unhealthy, flabby mess, to a thing of beauty your editor will want to clutch to her chest while singing Etta James’s At Last.

About Emily:

Emily McKay is a four time Rita nominee. She’s published twenty-five books with Harlequin, Berkley, Walker Books, and Entangled. In 2013, she won the Rita award for Best Young Adult Romance. She has over 500,000 books in print in fourteen languages.

She is a life-long fan of books, pop-culture and anything geeky. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and baking cookies. When she’s not kicking-butt and scooping cookie dough, she’s watching videos on YouTube. Though her interests may appear broad, the common denominators are chilling suspense and snarky humor.

She lives in central Texas with her husband, kids, two mildly-psychotic dogs, two nervous cats, and nineteen chickens.

May 12, 2018

2018 Great Expectations Winners

North Texas Romance writers of America congratulates all who entered our contest and put their work in the hands of strangers.

*denotes multiple finalist

Final Round Editor:  Brittany Lavery ~ Assistant Editor, HQN

First Place: Fallen Comrade by Jillian David
Second Place: Stealing Her Heart by Tanya Agler
Third Place: Just for Kicks by Keri Kelly
Honorable Mention: Second Time Around by Danielle Haas*

(Alternate Earth, Dystopian, Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal, Time Travel)
Final Round Editor:  Kristine Swartz ~ Associate Editor, Berkley Publishing Group
First Place: An Enchanted Superhero by Melanie McCarthy
Second Place: Breathtaking: Resurrection by Olivia Ryder
Third Place: Fated Bond by Meagan Watts
Honorable Mention: A Moment After Dark by Janet Raye Stevens*
Final Round Editor:   Elle Keck ~ Assistant Editor, Avon Books
First Place: Appetites and Vices by Felicia Grossman
Second Place: Captain of My Heart by Karla Kratovil
Third Place: To Steal a Highland Heart by Pamela Labud
Honorable Mention: The Arrangement by CK MacKenzie

Final Round Editor:  Raela Schoenherr ~ Acquisitions Editor, Bethany House Publishers
First Place: Secondhand Wife by Kaylene Greenig
Second Place: Final Call by Connie Queen
Third Place: Remember Not by Barbara Ellin Fox
Honorable Mention: The Memory of Blue by Emily Blackwood

Final Round Editor:  Marla Daniels ~ Assistant Editor, Simon and Schuster

First Place: The Map with No Names by Kristin Judy (Full Request)
Second Place: True Courage by Kathryn Barrett
Third Place: The Baby Between Us by Nicole Hohmann
Honorable Mention: Ruin of Souls by Hunter Skye
Final Round Editor:   Lexi Smail ~ Assistant Editor, Grand Central Publishing
First Place: Grounded by Danger by Danielle M. Haas*
Second Place: Trouble on Her Trail by Janalyn Knight
Third Place: Matched with Murder by Danielle M. Haas*
Honorable Mention: Prime Maple by Chess Kendle

SINGLE TITLE            
Final Round Editor:   Gabrielle Kelly ~ Editorial Assistant, Grand Central Publishing
First Place: On the Rocks by Kayla Brite
Second Place: Cole for Christmas by Janet Raye Stevens*
Third Place: The Courtship of Valentina by Rebecca Smith
Honorable Mention: The Billionaire’s Prince by Angelina M. Lopez

Final Round Editor: Alice Jerman, Assistant Editor, HarperCollins
First Place: Unseen by Rachel Scott
Second Place: Below the Surface by Arel Jansen
Third Place: Our Red String by Kimberly MacCarron
Honorable Mention: All the Stars in the Ocean by Jennifer Camiccia


Fenley Grant, Amanda Byrd, Carolyn Rae & Susan Person
2017 Great Expectations Co-chairpersons