August 18th Meeting — Hacking for Romance Writers

August 18th Meeting — Hacking for Romance Writers

Join us Saturday, August 18th when Dan Greenig speaks to us about Hacking for Romance Writers

Social Engineering (hacking people)
Fun social engineering stories/examples. Phishing, uniforms, phone calls, etc.

Physical Hacking
Breaking into buildings, picking locks, getting through tamper resistant seals, etc.

Realistic Technology
What’s possible, what’s not? Resources for realism.

For each of the above, we’ll talk about specific plots and subplots that could be potentially employed. Sources for ideas and education will be explored in the context of writing and romance writing.


Dan Greenig: The best word to describe Daniel Greenig might be eclectic. His interests are so broad that he has yet to meet a person with whom he has nothing in common. He has donned many hats in his brief 51 years of existence: care-giver, wanderer, writer, butcher, missionary, chef, sailor, triathlete, husband, gardener, carpenter, salesman, father, financial analyst, hacker and IT professional.
Born in California and raised in Heaven (Montana), his residences have included many of the United States as well as a few European countries. He now resides in Northern Texas with six redheads and a couple of normal heads—his wife and seven children.