2010 Great Expectations Winners

Great Expectations 2010 Winners

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Contemporary Series Category

Victoria Curran ~ Editor with Harlequin Books

First: Wanderlust by Roni Griffin – requested

Second: Redemption by Nancy Evertz – requested

Third: Wildfire on Roca Mountain by Jennifer Stroka

Honorable Mention: Closer Than A Brother by Carol Post

Erotic Romance Category

Katherine Pelz ~ Editorial Assistant with Berkley Heat

First: Wicked Desires by Eliza Lloyd

Second: Wonderland by Jennifer Ottolino

Third: Beyond Redemption by Linda Masterson

Honorable Mention: Roberta’s Rules of Order by Hailey Williams

Historical Category

Danielle Poiesz ~ Editorial Assistant with Gallery/Pocket Books

First: The Blue Rider by Cindy Nord – requested

Second: The Devil May Care by Elisa Beatty – requested

Third: Between Heaven and Hell by Jacqui Nelson

Honorable Mention: Heart of the Knight by Lynn Ward

Inspirational Category

Natalie Hanemann ~ Senior Editor with Thomas Nelson

First: The Peacock Throne by Lisa Karon Richardson

Second: Prodigal Nights by Lisa Buffaloe

Third: Shattered Dreams by Mindy Obenhaus

Honorable Mention: A Line in the Sand by Stephanie Prichard

Mainstream with Romantic Elements

Abby Zidle ~ Senior Editor with Gallery/Pocket Books

First: Saturdays at the Karma Cafe by Edie Ramer

Second: The Miser Who Bought the Farm by Kendel Flaum

Third: Misconception by Christy Hayes

Honorable Mention: Guypolar by Tracy Ward

Romantic Suspense Category

Alex Logan ~ Assistant Editor with Grand Central Publishing

First: From Bahgdad With Love by Gail Zerrade

Second: The Secret Life of Jennie Quinn by Wendy Gray

Third: Exile by Anne E. Kyle

Honorable Mention: Behind Every Good Man by Rebecca Neely

Single Title Category

Holly Blanck ~ Assistant Editor with St. Martin’s Press

First: Place Your Betts by Katie Graykowski – requested

Second: Royally Screwed by Kelle Z. Riley

Third: Wonderland by Jennifer Ottolino

Honorable Mention: Hephaestus Unexpected by Alexis Walker

Specialized Category

Talia Platz ~ Editorial Assistant with New American Library

First: Hearts of Darkness by Ciara Stewart – requested

Second: The Ocean Between Us by Cate Rowan

Third: Outer Planets by Laurie Green

Honorable Mention: The Seduction of Phaeton Black by G. Jillian Stone

Young Adult Category

David Linker ~ Executive Editor with HarperFestival, HarperCollins

First: Doon by Lorie Langson and Carey Corp – requested

Second: Forever Fifteen by Tracy St. Hilaire

Third: Getting a Clue by Jennifer McAndrews

Honorable Mention: Mythic by ChristaCarol Jones