2006 Great Expectations Winners

2006 Great Expectations Contest Winners


Chris Keeslar ~ Senior Editor, Dorchester/Leisure

First: Desparate Measures by Pamela Hathaway (requested)

Second: Mark of the Monster by Leslie Dicken (requested)

Third: Mustang Wild by Stacey Lynn Reimer (requested)

Fourth: A Love in Disguise by Courtney Hoffman

Long Contemporary

Jennifer Green ~ Editor, Harlequin Books

First: Lethal Medicine by Victoria Wasserman

Second: Capturing the Cowboy’s Heart by Kimberly Duffy (requested)

Third: Kentucky Cowboy by Jan Scarbrough

Fourth: Southern Sweet Tarts by Laura Post

Short Contemporary

Demetria Lucas ~ Associate Editor, Silhouette Books

First: Babies in the Bargain by Mona Risk

Second: Reunion for the First Time by Pat Casiello & Kathie Clare

Third: The Crush by Rachel Robinson

Fourth: Back to Ben by Kim Schultz Kerr

Fifth: Scotland or Bust by Patience Jackson

Mainstream with Romantic Elements

Sha-Shana Crichton ~ Crichton & Associates Literary Agency

First: You Don’t Gnome Me by Rachel Robinson

Second: One Demon At A Time by Andrea Geist

Third: Time Off For Bad Behavior by Dianne Donnelly-Smith

Fourth: The Expatriates Wives’ Club by Liese Sherwood-Fabre

Young Adult

Michelle Grajkowski ~ Three Seas Literary Agency

First: Revenge of the Homecoming Queen by Stephanie Hale (requested)

Second: Investigating the Hottie by Julie Heaton (requested)

Third: Wishes, Kisses and Near Misses by Lee McKenzie McAnally (requested)

Fourth: Wishing You Were Here by Catherine Chant

Fourth: Princess of Daytime by Franny Karkosak

Romantic Suspense

Roberta Brown ~ Brown Literary Agency

First: Playing For Keeps by Stacey Lynn Riemer (requested)

Second: Eye of the Beholder by Diane Della Maggiora (requested)

Third: Secrets by Jerre Ferns

Fourth: Lying Eyes by Amy Atwell

Single Title

Margo Lipschultz ~ Associate Editor, HQN Books

First: Painted Blind by Amy Atwell (requested)

Second: Romancing Ms. Stone by Christine Enta (requested)

Third: Heiress Unplugged by Jennifer Lewis

Fourth: There’s Only Been You by Donna Kowalczyk

Specialized ~ Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel/Paranormal

Jessica Wade ~ Editorial Assistant, Berkley Books

First: The Saints of Midland by Terry Schaeffer (requested)

Second: Kitsune Dreams by Maya Milhous (requested)

Third: Sword of the Phoenix by Lynne Simpson

Fourth: Rider by Lynda Mikulski

Fifth: Time Treasure by Sheila-Rae Z. Mohs

Sixth: Eternal Hearts by Jean Drew

Steamy Hot

Kathryn Lye ~ Associate Editor, Harlequin Books

First: Masked By Desire by Darah Lace (requested)

Second: Seducing Evangeline by Lynn Raye Harris (requested with revisions)

Third: Stolen Moments by Andrea Geist

Fourth: Hot Winter Nights by Darah Lace