2004 Great Expectations Winners

2004 Great Expectations Contest Winners


Ann Leslie Tuttle ~ Harlequin Historicals/HQN

First: The King’s Raven by Jan Scarbrough

Second: The Fox by Carla Hughes

Third: An Angel’s Kiss by Stacey Lynn Riemer

Fourth: Damsel in Disgrace by Wendy Watson

Fifth: A Tarnished Heart by Leslie Dicken

Long Contemporary

Susan Litman ~ Silhouette Intimate Moments

First: The Devil’s Eyes by Linda Steinberg (requested)

Second: Broken Promises by Cindy Taylor

Third: Bonds of Freedom by Sheryll Gallagher

Fourth: Will’s Reluctant Wife by Jan Scarbrough

Fifth: To Trust a Prince by Mary Beth Lee

Short Contemporary

Stacy Boyd ~ Silhouette Romance

First: For Love or Money by Kimberly Diffy (requested)

Second–tie: Merger of the Heart by Mary Lou Wilson

Second–tie: Twelve Minutes Past Midnight by Kelley Bowers Zeringue

Third: Priveleges Granted by Janice Lynn

Fourth: The Seduction of Sydney by Angela Platt

Romantic Suspense

Kim Nadelson ~ Harlequin Intrigue

First: Errant Rhodes by Angela Platt (requested)

Second: Her Hidden Hero by Kelley Bowers Zeringue

Third: Dangerous Secrets by Greta MacEachem

Fourth: One Juror Down by Heather Hiestand

Fifth: Lady Liberty by Tina LaVon Conine

Single Title

Abby Zidle ~ Harlequin/HQN

First: The Wild Life by Onelia Lazzari

Second: Wide Open Spaces by Terry McLaughlin (requested)

Third: Disappeared by Karen Brown

Fourth: Arizona Sky by Stacey Lynn Riemer (requested)

Fifth: The Omega Signature by Cheryl Becker Wilson

Specialized ~ Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel/Paranormal

Chris Keeslar ~ Dorchester/Leisure

First: Runes of Fire by Terri Garey (requested)

Second–tie: A Faury Godmother Named Fred by Jane Myers Perrine (requested)

Second–tie: The Selkie & the Siren by Priscilla Burns

Third: Devil’s Choice by Linda Mikulski

Fourth: Proving Ground by Terri Griffis

Steamy Hot

Kathryn Lye ~ Harlequin Blaze

First: For One Weekend Only by Jennifer Stark (requested)

Second: The Fling by Leanne Hinkle & Kelly Rivers (requested)

Third: Under Cover by Mary Beth Lee

Fourth: The Wrong Impression by Laurie Kellogg

Fifth: At Her Command by Marcia Anderson