1992 Great Expectations Winners

1992 Great Expectations Contest Winners

Young Adult

First: High IQ For Love by Peggy Freeman

Second: Complete Opposites by Suzanne McMinn

Third: Cross the Ts and Dot the Is by Lisa Raesz

Honorable Mention: Precious Possesion by Leslie Walstrom

Honorable Mention: What’s My Line Mr. Shakespeare by Leslie Walstrom


First: A Perfect Duchess by Doris Wheeler

Second: Lady Thalia’s Spy by Diana J. Pierce

Third: Hyde Park Spectacle by Marilyn Clay

Honorable Mention: A Temporary Bride by Doris Wheeler

Honorable Mention: The Unprincipled Earl by Paula Oates


First: The Devil’s Man by Alice Vrilmayer

Second: Forever Isn’t Long Enough by Gerry Borcz

Third: Deception’s Prize by Suzanne McMinn

Honorable Mention: A Darker Shade of Midnight by Charisse Sprague

Honorable Mention: Wings of Fate by Marie Orozco


First: The Point of No Return by Mica Kelch

Second: Twice Shy by Suzanne McMinn

Third: No Strings Attached by Sharon Greene

Honorable Mention: The Loving Spirit by Leslie Walstrom

Honorable Mention: Raleigh’s Heart by Laurie Moeller